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How can kids benefit from Goshala

Do you have any programs for kids at Goshala

Kids are the main benefactors of cow protection. Did you know that saving cows saves the environment and the planet for our kids and future generations. Our planet earth gives us food. A thin layer of earth’s top soil contains the necessary elements to grow plants and food. Cows are known to be the best animals to protect and enrich the top soil of earth. Cow dung is the best natural nutrient to plants.

We all see the necessity of compassion and kindness in our society. Cows are the most compassionate animals. Their love their babies and have very close emotional attachment with them. Caring for cows and spending time with them help children grow up more secure and compassionate. We organize numerous visits of young kids regularly. Spending time with pets is a lot of fun. Cows make great pets. We at Goshala provide the opportunity for kids to spend time with cows and enjoy the benefits of having pets.

Did you know that spending time with cows gives powerful mental and physical health benefits. Psychologists recommend challenged kids to spend time with animals to relieve stress and improve mental health.

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