Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get!

Is AZ Goshala affiliated with any religious organization, country or association?

No, it is NOT a religious organization and never will be.

On the contrary, AZ Goshala is a self- sustaining, non-dependent, educational and spiritual organization motivated by sensitivity and humanity where everyone is motivated to protect and provide for cows at the same time spreading the message of kindness and Cow Consciousness. We at AZ Goshala consider the cow a Mother figure because like a nurturing mother she has been nourishing us with her milk for thousands of years.

Since AZ Goshala’s inception, a total of 9 cows and 1 bull have found protection in perpetuity within our sanctuary.

AZ Goshala has multiple grand events in a year. What purpose do these mega scale events serve and where do the funds come from?

The sole purpose is to raise money in order to aquire cows from slaughter houses as well as for their food, shelter, health, medicine, safety, and everything else related to their well-being. All funds raised from these events or money donated to AZ Goshala go exclusively for the monthly expenses of all the 10 rescues we at AZ Goshala are currently safeguarding. 

At AZ Goshala the only source of income for providing these cows is the donations coming from individuals/groups and funds raised through the few yearly events. 

As a transparent organization, AZ Goshala allows every donor to see how their dollars are spent as they maintain annual accounts which calculate all costs.

One notable thing: All expenses incurred during voluntary activities are taken care of by the volunteers themselves along with donors and sponsors. 

How do I become a volunteer?

If cruelty to cows (or other animals) ‘moo-ves’ you and if you love giving cows a belly rub, then you are a perfect fit. Currently AZ Goshala has with them more than 130 sincere and hardworking volunteers – who are completely separate from the almost 50 youth volunteers that we also have in combination with our Youth Leadership Initiative. To motivate such a sizable number of active volunteers for as many continuous years as we have is possible only because of AZ Goshala’s sheer passion, humbling dedication and sacrifice for cows and the community. 

The success of all the events in the past is possible only because of these dedicated volunteers. If you are interested then AZ Goshala has a couple of events lined up, and the volunteers are all set and raring to go. Feel proud to be a part of this lively family. To join this family please send us a message through the ‘Contact Us’ page!

Do you have a question you want answered?

If so, please head over to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and send us a message with your question! We’d be happy to answer any that you have!