About Us

Having fun with the cows!
– Sunday Cow Care

What We’ve Done So Far as a Non-Profit:

  1. Started a cow shelter with cows rescued from slaughterhouse. 
  2. Found a place for cows to live their lives in peace. 
  3. Raised awareness for kindness to animals through different events.
  4. Demonstrated the feasibility of cow protection in Arizona. 
  5. Served free vegan/vegetarian food at homeless shelters throughout the valley.
  6. Educated kids on the importance of cows & kindness towards human society.
  7. Organized tours for kids to meet and spend time with lovely cows and calves.
  8. Started a youth group in order to help children and teens understand the importance of community service.
  9. Demonstrated cooking delicious healthy and sustainable food made with love and compassion.

Our Story

AZ Goshala was started in April 2010 by Dr. P.N. Misra and Mr. Hari Moorthy. Originally, they bought the first 2 cows from slaughterhouses in 2011. They housed them in the same place our cows still are and decided to spread awareness about the importance of cows. From 2010 onward, several families started hosting events at the sanctuary to gain a platform. Inspired by Ganapati Maharaja, a disciple of Prabhupada – founder of ISKCON, the non-profit was created and structured by dedicated volunteers. After holding multiple events such as Pongal, Holi, and the Thanksgiving picnic, we started growing as a non-profit. Now our events have grown so much that we’ve had to change locations to fit the amount of supporters that come to our events. Originally events such as Pongal and Holi were held at the sanctuary and then Holi was moved to Kiwanis Park and now, because of the high demand, it has to be held at Raw Hide Arena. Pongal, also because of the high demand, is held at Cross Roads Park each year. We are so thankful and grateful for the amount of support we’ve accumulated throughout the years, we and the beautiful cows we shelter appreciate it!!

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Why Cows?

Cows have been providing humans with nourishing milk for thousands of years, they have become a fundamental part of our ecosystem. In an extremely realistic perspective, cows give us their nourishing milk and then we (humans) end up killing them for their meat. Seemingly getting back stabbed by the humans they provided care to. Not only this, but dairy farming, factory farms, and slaughterhouses are one of the highest contributors to fossil fuels and the ultimate down fall of our planet. Beef is not sustainable, not only does it hurt our planet but kills the creatures that have provided us with all the health benefits that come with milk. Not only is Goshala an advocate for cows but we thoroughly believe that kindness to all animals is kindness to the planet. We only have one planet, let’s protect it.